Big Announcement !!

New owners have taken over the restaurant! Don’t worry, the Bankers restaurant you know and love will not be changing, it will only be improving!

Hello everyone! We have a big announcement for you this time…are you ready? Here goes…
New owners have taken over the restaurant!
Don’t worry though, the Bankers you all know and love will not be changing, it will only be improving!

That’s right, we’re working hard and coming up with tons of ideas to make Bankers better than ever before, including bringing in a brand-new executive chef all the way over from Paris. He’s been classically trained in French cuisine at some of the best culinary institutes of the country, so that you -our customers- can enjoy authentic and delicious French dishes at Bankers restaurant.

With the new chef, of course, comes a whole new menu! Not to worry though, we’ve kept the classic and most important dishes (such as the crème brûlée, since we couldn’t well call ourselves a French restaurant without that now, could we?) but it was also important for our chef to make his mark in the kitchen. And let us tell you…he’s an extremely talented bloke! He’s come up with some dishes we’re sure you’re going to absolutely love (all of which go well with wine, naturally!)

As if all of that wasn’t enough, we’re also updating our interiors and have hired some great designers to help us. Everything will be spiffed up and looking great for our grand re-opening. Makes sense that we would give the old place a makeover, right? We aren’t making too many changes though, and we promise, it’ll all look amazing in the end. We just needed to modernize things up a bit. 😊

Anyway, like we mentioned, we’re working super hard to make all of these and many other improvements to our beloved Bankers restaurant. We’ll be posting updates as they come, so make sure you check back if you want to learn more.

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