Closing For Refurbishment !!

For the next two weeks we will be closing to completely renovate the premises


Hi everyone! Welcome back to the Bankers’ blog!

We have more news for you from the new and improved Bankers Restaurant.

Unfortunately, we’ll be closing our doors for the next two weeks. We have a good reason to do so, though…

As we mentioned on our first blog post, we’re putting in a lot of work into improving Bankers. That includes a revamping of the entire premises.

To that end, and to make Bankers the best it can be, we’ve teamed up with some of the best interior designers in London. These talented people are giving us a hand realizing our vision for the new look. We’ve been spending the last few weeks carefully and lovingly selecting each new piece of furniture and bit of decoration, one at a time, so that we end up with exactly the kind of ambiance we’re looking for.

Now that the selection process has come to an end, it’s time to put it all together. Our new things are arriving soon, and to get the restaurant up and running, we’ll need to close it for two weeks. This will allow our team of designers to get everything ready so that you, our customers, can enjoy the full experience when it’s time.

Please be patient during these next few days, we promise we’re working as fast as we can. Once we’re refurbished we’ll let you know the exact date we’re opening our doors again.

We hope that you’ll love the new look as much as we already do.

Stay tuned for more news!