We’re nearly ready for our re-launch !!

– The interior is all done. Tomorrow there is going to be work done to the exterior and soon we’ll be ready to launch!


Welcome back, our dear Bankers restaurant fans!

As you all know, at the moment our doors are closed due to the amazing makeover we’ve put our premises through for the last few days. It’s been sweaty work, that’s for sure, but we believe it was absolutely worth the effort.

We’re proud to announce that the interior is finally done and looking just like we pictured it! It’s incredible what a little sprucing up can do to a place, it can give it a whole new vibe and atmosphere. We’re all super happy with how everything came together. It turned out absolutely beautiful and we hope you think so too once you get a chance to see it all. No sneak peeks though, we want the big reveal to be a surprise. 😊

With the interior refurbished, we’re moving on to the exterior. No huge changes there, we promise. We’re just adding some fresh paint, cleaning up our signage, adding some spotlights here and there, and not much more than that. We swear, the front of Bankers Restaurant will be recognizable to all of you, it’ll just look like it was brand-new.

Oh, one other thing we’re working on are the shutters of the building; they’re in desperate need of some TLC and we want them to look just as great as the rest of the place. Let me tell you, it’s not easy finding a good company for roller shutter repairs in London, but after a lot of research, we think we’ve finally found the right company.

We’ve called them up and they’re going to work on the shutters for the next few days. After we’re done with the exterior, we’re finally going to be ready to open the restaurant again.

We can’t wait to show you all the improvements!

Check back in if you want to learn more about this whole process and to find out when we’ll be ready for the big re-launch.